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By the design of your bedroom should be approached is always very seriously. The fact is that a bad design of the bedroom in 2016, may cause defective relaxation, insomnia, and even serious depression. But even a bedroom – this is the most intimate room in your home, not just a place to rest and sleep normal. Therefore, your bedroom interior design should be decorated in romantic colors, it should not be required to chase the latest fashion trends, and even execute it in the archaic style is not: a bedroom should be modern and reflect the style of our life.

he interior of the bedroom should emphasize the special aura of the room, creating an intimate corner in the apartment, where each room owners will feel yourself. In this regard, bedroom interior design is similar to a child’s room.

As a rule, a bedroom is located in the cozy corner of your apartment and takes a very large room. However, if you spend in it much of their time, you should think about increasing the area of ??the room. Interior design bedroom will make it visually. It should be used primarily lighting, colors, curtains, bedspreads, blankets, good placement of furniture, a bed, as the center of any bedroom.

In every bedroom should be a walk-in closet. A small area should not confuse you, just feel free to experiment with the division of all the available space into different zones. Use opportunities partitions or original mobile screen. Leave all the sophisticated delights for design living room, a hallway, a bedroom designed for a comfortable rest and sleep. At the head of the bed should be set tables, or a couple of small shelves for different little things that you might need the owner of the apartment during his vacation. Do not interfere in the room for sleeping and a comfortable chair with a small coffee table, so a good bedroom design will help fulfill the dream of many men – “coffee in bed.”

Velvet is back in fashion – materials for finishing

The current requirement used in the decoration of the bedroom materials – ecological cleanness and neatness definitive. Basically, designers are advised to use the room completely lined walls that cover the wallpaper for painting, a kind of such walls is quite simple, with a barely noticeable texture.

Typically, finishing wood paneling or decorative stone is used only when the design of the wall near the head of the bed. This place is quite possible to give a certain emphasis. In this case, welcome the use of a variety of materials in the design of the main wall. You can use good wallpapers, carpet, artificial stone – it all depends on the style of your room. The main priority here – harmonious and natural softness. It looks nice big picture, which hangs over the headboard.


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