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Learning crochet

Materials and Basic Instructions

The points of crochet are based on four main points. Each of them is simple and easy to learn. Worldwide, women and children are crochet for pleasure, leisure and means to make profits.

The fingers soon learn the rhythm, so that a person can crochet and chat at the same time. The crochet may become interesting for life, occupying a vague time and giving satisfaction in a time of leisure.

Crochet needle

Only two objects are needed to start the crochet – a needle and a ball of line. The crochet needles are made of aluminum or steel and come in a variety of sizes. The thickness is determined by the diameter of the needle in millimeters, or the identification numbers. Revenues from crochet always recommend that the thickness of the needle to be used – fine needles for fine lines, thick needles for thick lines.

Essential accessories

Tapestry needles to embroider, used to darn the tips and join the seams. Scissors to cut the wires. A tape measure to measure the job.

The point of tension must be given carefully before starting work, since only the correct voltage ensure the right size of the piece finished.

The word stress is used to indicate the number of career points and made within a given measure. This information is important because it provides the size of the finished piece that you will manufacture.

As a practical exercise, we suggest a sample with 25 runs and work 2 rows of packages. Put a pin on each side of the 15 central role. If the measure is larger than 3 cm you must work the point tighter. If less than 3 cm, you should work more loose. Continue until you can give the correct width. If necessary, change the thickness of the needle to get the correct voltage.

By making models of crochet, you’ll find on revenue, often a “l corr, again,” or “3 corr, again.” This sometimes happens at the end of a career, but refers to items that will form the beginning of next career. The careers of crochet vary in height and these correntinhas to return, permitting the crocheteira to start next career with the needle placed in the correct height.


At the end of the revenue, the instructions will be given to farm. To do this, cut the wire about 5 to 8 cm from work, pull the loose ends through the loop remaining in the needle and pull the yarn firmly. Hide the ends back at the back of the work carefully.

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