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Openwork patterns associated independently with their hands may look as graceful and delicate patterns that trips to the webs.They are usually made of thin threads and crochet. Or consider and lace patterns. With the combination of braids and columns of air loops can be added excellent results in the patterns. Usually openwork patterns decorate things or make them light litnyk blouse and beacons. There is also an option to link curtains, tablecloths or napkins. Worldwide, there are a lot of openwork patterns. For example, you can look at the chart below:

Make a chain of 14 aircraft model. Take just three loops rise at the beginning of each line:

  • 1p. make one column opti loop in sixth string, then two aircraft, onea tighter loop, two aircraft, one column opti in that loop, followed by two aircraft and  BN column 1 through 4 loops. Then leave  4 loops before the end of the second row. This report and repeated at the end of each column prov’yazaty BN, and after 2 loops will be the last one column BN.
  • 2p. followed by three aircraft, then the scheme: one column opti column without load surge in the previous line, two aircraft, one napivstovpchyk a tighter loop, two aircraft, one column opti in that loop. Then there are new leaves flowers: type and three air Throw the hook working thread and pull the loop through three new loops and get 3 loops. The first 2 loops  so that two left on the hook, followed by a load surge, then entered the hook in the loop end of the leaf, which is connected with the previous row, then pulled a new loop. Next  two loops that are on the hook and  one column in one loop of the previous row. Further, two columns opti you  not the end, as close as before, only it is done in the next leaf tip loop on the bottom row. When you have done all the procedures that should be on the hook six loops, and you knit them together. The next stage is one air loop and make the fourth leaf. To do this you have  2 air loop and  1 column in the middle of a new beginning. Repeat until the end of all the above, the end of the series. Should end  1 column opti last loop recovery.
  • Other knit rows should report on the second line.




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