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bebekyelekNowadays, most of the people choosing the clothes made by machine because of they are cheaper and some of the people they still want to have knitting clothes cause of they would like to follow their tradition.

Lets take a look to this baby vest, its pure beautiful and 100 percent knitting & handmade. If you have a baby, this pattern may be so suitable for your child.

You can see there are some ribbons and flower motifs, gives a very nice looking to the knitting baby vest. If you let your child to wear this knitwear, you could have joyfull and warm time with your child.

If you decide to do this pattern for your own child, you beter be to choose right color for her or him.

If your child is a girl, you can focus on orange, purple, pink and some shiny colors, if its a boy, blue, white colors are will be good choice for them. In any case your child will look so cute in this baby knitting vest.

You still can choose the clothes made by machines but if you look for more quality, for more warm, you should consider about to choose handmade knitwears..

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  • I would love to make this vest for my kids do you have a pattern you could possibly share.

  • I have the same request as Anu I would like to knit this for my granddaughter if we could share the pattern with you, it is a beautiful vest.

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