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I’d love to dress tied to a two-year princess, who had seen only once, when she was a little Pupsik. Mila – daughter of my son’s godmother. We have not seen each other since our family moved. Soon we meet again, I wanted to make a gift for the girl with his hands. knit dress quite easily and quickly – the main razmerchik guess. Since I just started to learn to crochet, then used a minimal list of loops: air loop, sc, with trebles bars, bars with two trebles. We print 160 stitches. Loop is closed in the ring. knit around 1 row columns with one trebles. then after every 40 doing aerial loops the loop. 2,3,4 series – column with trebles, air loop, a column with trebles, air loop, etc.There where tally air loop after every 40th loop, tie a thread-pointer. 5 the series – with one loop knit 2 columns with two trebles, air loop, etc. Tie a string of white and continue to knit around. 6th row – all loops knit columns with one trebles 7.8 series – as two series (one column with trebles, air loop) further decompose the dress so that the thread tied on two sides touched together to form straps on the shoulders. Tie pink thread and start decrease. Row 9 – * post with one trebles, skipping three loops, air loop *, repeat from * to * to end. Next knit in a circle of strings to strings. ‘s so make a turn around for mating selection lyamochek for the dress. 10.11 range – column one trebles, air loop, etc. to end. 12-15 rows – knit mesh column with two trebles and 3 air loop, and so a number of 16 – knit mesh, changing the column with two trebles on the column with three trebles and 3 air loop. 17-36 series – mesh – a column with trebles and two aerial loops. Tie white thread. 37 series – with one loop knit 2 columns with one trebles. number 38 – knit one loop through a column with trebles, air loop, and so white satin ribbon Accommodating in hole, where the three columns of knitting yarn over. ends of ribbon tied in a flower. Middle sew or glue bead.’s ready and dress. Earlier, I shared with you the MC pinetok knitting . I contacted the same Mile, they will complement the image and provide a good home for shoes to match her ??dress. I really hope that the gift will enjoy =)

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