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The other day I decided to please his daughter bracelets made  in person. The material for a long time I have not thought of that. I have many remnants of yarn, their something I decided to base. But for the design useful to me previously stockpiled buttons, lace in the form of butterflies, beads in the shape of flowers. evening I just made ??3 bracelets, but I want to show the MC only one example – the red, because they tally the same, the only difference is in the decoration. So, for the red bracelet I took: – little red x / yarn – hook – buttons of different colors and sizes (small to medium) – glue seconds – maroon thread a needle in the first place, I try on the amount daughter’s hand to decide on the size of the bracelet. She was 12 cm Then I scored a chain of stitches with a length of 12 cm to contact a number of columns with three trebles. then tied a product with one hand, keeping the thread, made ??loop. On the opposite side, I sewed a button. Later I took the bracelet decoration. Took 2 medium green buttons and taped them small red, and then to 3 medium white and yellow buttons, I pasted a small green. Spread evenly received double buttons on the bracelet and taped them to him. All – bracelet is ready! By the way, it seems that the so- just take the appropriate buttons, but really it is not. I, for example, about 30 minutes to pick them up by color, by revising the whole bag. 🙂 In the same way I took another 2 bracelets, only for tying thread took a different color (so even more fun to get) and made ??by a number of columns with two trebles. In general, you can experiment with colors and finish indefinitely. daughter of my work appreciated. Is the day all 3 bracelets at once (2 – on one hand, 1 – on the other), and even sleep in them! 🙂

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