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This cap, capable of performing the functions scarf (or scarf that can serve as a cap) you easily bind yourself.
You will need thread and needles . What you like, to your taste.
Consider only that, the thinner the needle, the tighter the turn the canvas (and vice versa).
Please also note that natural wool will be biting , and hence bring you discomfort.
I’m coming up with this cap, scarf, aimed to the maximum comfort and functionality.
According to my idea headdress fit an ordinary eraser (1 front, 1 Wrong, plus edge loops).
 Theoretically, you can tie a rubber band cuff, and the rest of the web – any convenient for you to viscous. One very pretty girl is already linked such cap front embroidery. Your right!

To be sure, first dial on the spokes 30 loops and tie a piece of a length of at least 5 centimeters.
So you will be easier to determine the total number of loops required for your thread, your spokes and your head (ideally hat-scarf should be worn loosely on your head and keep good on her).
 Now dial your number of loops (I have 130) and knit fabric the length of at least 50 centimeters.
Will tie it in gently wash and dry in stretched form (it is not necessarily just the way it will look better).
Then the fabric edge you need to sew on a flange loops so that you have a pipe.
It is only important that sew the web, we do not all but only a part. In my hat – it’s half, about 25 centimeters . You can sew or more, but less than no sense: the cold will suffer your neck.
At the edge of the fabric with nezashitymi sides threaded lace (I made it out of the remaining threads). At the ends of the lace sew pompoms (in the first place, to be sure that the cord will not be lost, and secondly, for beauty).
 Hat is ready.
Now a little bit about how it can be worn .
You can wear it on the neck and worn as a scarf .
Moreover, it will look different depending on where it will be free of (the one with the pom-poms) – front, rear or side.


headgear-cap-hat-pattern-1 headgear-cap-hat-pattern-2

If the strap to tighten and tie, you get a classic hat with pom-poms .


The only difference is that the long hair can be pulled into the hole which is formed due to the fact that the web is not sewn to the end. The cap can be worn as a tube .

headgear-cap-hat-pattern-4 headgear-cap-hat-pattern-5

This option is great to warm you in a strong wind and frost. In general, cap-scarf so comfortable that you have yourself a couple of options for socks come up easily.


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