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free-knitting-baby-bootiesMaterials: 25 g white and blue yarn (70% polyacrylic, 30% wool, 105 m / 25 g or 100% polyacrylamide, 195 m / 50 g), 2 small buttons. Spokes: straight needles ? 2,5 and 3 , hook number 2.

Job Description.
dial on the spokes ? 3 white thread on 47 sts and knit edging between gum. At 4 cm from the edge of the dial pad to continue spokes ? 2,5. At 9 cm from the edge of the dial pad to temporarily postpone both sides for the top of the shoe to 17 § § 13 Average knit 3.5 cm rubber band. Continue to work the blue thread as follows:

17 pending hinge on the right side vyvyazat 9 § of the right side of the top of the booties, an average of 13 on, vyvyazat 9, paragraphs from the left side of the upper part of booties, 17 deferred item on the left. Run 2 cm garter st. Then knit the sole follows: 1st p.: 2 sts knit together the front, 29 persons., Knit 3 sts along the front, 29 persons., 1 broach (n = 1 to remove, as with purl knitting next st knit people. and extend through the removed section). 2nd, 4th, 6th, p.: Facial loop. 3rd p.: Knit 2 sts along front, 27 persons., 3 sts knit together individuals., 27 persons., 1 broaching. 5th p.: 2 sts knit together the front, 25 persons., Knit 3 sts along the front, 25 persons., 1 broaching. Then close all the loops.Assembling Run stitch heel booties and upper part of the seam at the top of the run to the flap on the front of the booties. Strap tie blue thread crochet chain of temperature. n temperature of, do 1 sl. Art. back to the 18-item (= loop buttons), the rest of the loop tie art. b / n. Sew the strap inside the booties and sew a button.



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