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Design Ideas Wall Plates

Modern design offers many different ideas wall decoration paintings, engravings, tapestries, photographs, edged weapons or musical instruments – all of these options are time-tested and can be included in almost any style of interior. The same can be said about decorating walls with all sorts of decorative plates – this tradition dating back over a hundred years and still not obsolete.Wall design ideas dishes abound: as they can be any color and size, we can always choose the option that is integrated into the design of the apartment. There expensive collectible items made by the best masters of the world especially for decoration of premises – such plates are usually equipped with special fixtures, allowing easy to attach them to the chosen surface. There are cost-effective options that do not require much cost – even the most ordinary plates can be successfully used, if you apply a little imagination and skill. Regardless of which style prevails in the house, a place for decorative plates always exists.

Wall decoration plates – classical solutions

“Classic Style” in this case are round white plates – so harmonious, refined composition suitable to strict interior, seasoned with a neutral color scheme. Particularly well be an element of decor emphasizes the dark,

design-ideas-wall-plates-1solid wall.

Practically safe bet is a symmetrical arrangement of jewelry – it is important to remember that the other elements of the interior worth order to design the room looked a single, holistic. Note that in the photo below the wall on which the plates, painted black, while the other surfaces in light colors. Excess black could make the room oppressive, so this idea of wall design seems very successful.


believe in your taste, we can neglect the symmetry and create a classical composition of large and small plates, deliberately located at different levels. It is important to still maintain a sense of harmony, otherwise it will seem like ornaments hung haphazardly.

design-ideas-wall-plates-3Maintain contrast between the dark wall and white plates necessarily – there are good ideas wall decoration ornaments of the same color. However, in this case, you should be especially careful to not furnishing elements merged with the surface .

design-ideas-wall-plates-4Classic is  not always represented in white. At all times, a very popular dish with traditional blue patterns or floral patterns. Roses and violets, depicted on ceramics, a perfect fit with the romantic styles, such as in “Shabby chic” .



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