Many caps look alike, but not this model. The chic hat with a funny hole pattern in black and with a light glitter effect makes this winter a real sight.

Chic crochet cap with a look through

  • (100% merinowolle, running length 80 m / 50 g), 75 g in black (A), eg bingo by Lana Grossa
  • Mixing yarn (72% mohair, 21% nylon, 7% lurex, running length 167 m / 25 g), 50 g in black silver (B), eg Splendid by Lana Grossa
  • Crochet hook Nos. 5 and 7

Finished Size: 

Height 24 cm, for 53-58 cm head circumference

Stitch test, FM, needle no. 7:

With double thread of yarn A and B: 14 stitches. 15 rows = 10. 10 centimeters


So that it glitters: Work with a double yarn from the yarns Bingo (A) and Splendid (B).The cap is crocheted from top to bottom.


01 Beginning

Using needle No. 7, crochet a strip of yarns A and B starting with 3 air loops (Lm) 11 chopsticks (tr). Close the round with 1 sl st (Ktm) into the 3rd ch, tighten the thread ring.

02 increases 

ROUND 1: 3 ch, 1 tr in the Ktm of the previous row; Repeat the following sequence until the end of the round: * 2 ch, 1 tr in the next loop (M) *; Round the round with 2 ch and 1 ktm in the 3 st LM (12 sections of 2 ch and 1 tr in 36 m).

ROUND 2: ch 3; * 1 tr for the next ch-loop, 2 ch, 1 tr in the same ch-loop, 2 ch *; Repeat the sequence between the asterisks (*) 11 times; 1 Ktm into the 3rd chm (= 24 chm arches).

03 Continued 

From now on, the cap is crochet in spiral circles and with fixed stitches (fM). Do not close the following rounds with 1 Ktm. Start the 3rd round with 2 ch and 1 dc around the 1st ch-loop of the preliminary round, then continue as follows: * 2 ch, 1 dc around the next ch-loop *. Repeat the sequence between the asterisks (*) until a total height of 20 cm is reached. Fix the last ch-loop at 1 Ktm around the next ch-loop.

04 Confederation

Change to needle # 5, and crochet the collar in closed rounds. 

ROUND 1: 1 ch; Repeat the following sequence 24 times: * 2 dc in ch-bow, 1 dc in the next dc *; 1 Ktm in the 1st lm.

2.-4th round: 1 ch, 72 dc, 1 Ktm in 1st ch.

05 Completion

Stitch threads and sew carefully.


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