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Colored Baby Jacket Pattern. It’s look cute.

Colored baby jacket pattern

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  • This is a very pretty and interesting jacket! Would you mind sharing the actual pattern? Thank you – I love your site and thanks for sharing! sarahcspam at gmail dot com

  • I think this is a pretty jacket.Iwould like to make it for a friends baby.Would you mind sharing the pattern? Frist time seeing your site really like it.

  • Love you baby sweater patterns can you send them to me. Would like them for church group. thank you Anita

  • Martha Siler

    Is this pattern for sale
    Baby Jacket?

  • Martha Siler

    just wondering if you got the pattern for the Colored Baby Jacket…I would like to have a copy – will purchase but do not know where to find the pattern

  • Love this sweater would love to have the pattern to make for a few of my nieces who are having babies this year.

  • Quanta coisa bonita e que artesanato perfeito.

  • I would love the pattern for the Colored Baby
    Jacket. Please let me know how to obtain this pattern.


  • Esmuy bonita esa chaquetita de bebé
    Espero me lo envies para aprenderlo

  • I love this pattern. Could you share the actual pattern, please?

  • Are you sharing the pattern? I would love to have it.

  • Beautiful pattern, I would also like to know where to get the pattern?

  • Could you tell where I can find this pattern? It’s just beautiful!

  • I would love to have a copy of this pattern, where might I get one or do you have a copy for sale

  • I would love to have a copy of this pattern, also the Pinky Baby Jacket. I too, would like to know where to get these patterns.

  • Please could I have a copy of this pattern it is so cute

  • Lovely sweater, where may I get the pattern.

  • Is it possible to get the pattern? Love the jacket

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