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Buy furniture for the living room

Living BirchModern apartments reflect the character of the owner, his habits and preferences, and the living room – the person apartment. In it, we spend time with family and welcome guests.

Think of living our parents: the Soviet “wall” acquired under the principle of “what went, upholstered furniture – sofa and two chairs, bought for the occasion … So all the apartments look very similar.

Now we are used to choose: Choose region – a dynamic center or green suburb, we change the plan, unite and divide by the standard volume, and we can not afford to choose furniture according to your taste.

Choosing furniture in the living room, we set a lot of goals: we want the room was cozy, the furniture and pleasing to the eye would have been handy. We want to be ourselves and to live comfortably, and the guests were not ashamed to invite. And the furniture is to “stand” in the apartment – just take a space that is allocated to it.

This complex, almost chess problem can be solved with modular furniture.


What is a modular furniture

Modular furniture is a collection of furniture units made in the same style, color. In a modular program includes a plurality of nodes: cabinets for different purposes and sizes, shelves, racks, etc. Of all the modular line, you can choose pieces of furniture that you like in function and size, and compose their own suite of furniture.

Modern LivingThe company “Volkhov” offers several modular programs: programs are modular Volkhov “,” Birch “and” Modern “. Modular program “Volkhov” for those who prefer classical finish “under the tree” and quiet lines.

Modular program Birch – is harmonious bright colors, modular program “Modern” is characterized by dynamism and concise lines finish.

Modular line contain dozens of blocks for different purposes, and offer various options facades.


Going to the store to buy furniture for the living room, what should be remembered?

First, furniture (cabinets, walls, shelves, etc.) and soft should form a harmonious ensemble and match the layout – try to keep in mind the overall composition and color. Maybe you can help outline the arrangement of furniture, made ??by hand or with the help of a special program. Bring to a store samples of wallpaper and curtains.

Choosing furniture for living room, keep in mind: bright colors, contrasting color combinations are interesting, and look good on the picture, but in everyday life quickly bored. Therefore, if your apartment is too much, it is better to choose neutral shades furniture.

Living VolkhovGood decision – fine details when contrasted with the more massive (eg, frosted glass doors of cabinets and a massive frame profile which not only strengthens the structure, but also carries a decorative function. This gives the whole set of furniture dynamism.

Secondly, the furniture should be not only beautiful but also practical to use, durable coating was, as often, if there are children, and “tamper-resistant.”

In furniture company “Volkhov”, for example, provides high-impact edge – this means that the furniture does not get any accidental damage during transport interchange.

Conveniently, if the furniture is equipped with adjustable feet – this will put the furniture vertically, even if the floor is not very smooth. Covering furniture fronts must withstand regular wet cleaning.

Third, living room furniture should be made ??of modern materials safe, non-toxic as daily use, and in the case of force majeure (such as fire)

Choosing where to buy furniture for the living room, stop for large manufacturers with an established production technology – cost of goods on a large production is much lower than the “craftsman” and you get a great set of high-quality furniture for less.

Go to the purchase of furniture for living wisely and you will be able to enjoy home comfort for years to come.


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